We help travelers and locals connect through insider tours based on common interests.

Gopackup Story

It’s easy for travelers today to find information about popular tourist attractions, but it’s a lot harder to experience life at a local level when you’re in a new city. Gopackup offers the solution to this problem by making it easy for travelers to connect directly with real locals through customizable, interest-based tours, facilitating authentic and meaningful travel experiences.

Popular travel websites and tour books will help travelers find all the “must-see” destinations. Gopackup goes the extra mile, using the sharing economy to help travelers and locals connect through insider tours based on common interests. Locals use the website to list tours and other travel services in their hometowns; travelers browse and book services to connect with real locals with shared interests.

Tours range from one-hour walking tours to multi-day adventures, and guides come from over 125 countries and 1214 cities. By interacting with local people, “Gopackup’ers” get to experience parts of the city off the beaten path. Connecting with similar interests, the well-traveled are pampered by local guides who want nothing more than to show them wonderful places only found on bucket lists. Like to look at stars? A Scottsdale, AZ local has that track. Want to kayak in Chicago? Gopackup has it. There’s always cooking in Tuscany, contemporary art in China, or Samba school in Brazil. Click the tour, pay the fee, show up, meet fun people, enjoy. Simple.

“The beauty of world travel at a local level is that it enables you to become familiar with the true, authentic side of the places you visit. It lets you learn about cultures and make connections with people from different backgrounds”.

Tingbin Tang, Yunyun Jiang, and Yan Zhang founded Gopackup in 2012 to make travel and tour planning more human friendly and overall travel experiences more memorable. Gopackup recently acquired guides in its 1214th city.

Our Vision

The company’s founders launched Gopackup’s platform in 2015 because they identified a missing a link between travelers and locals in the travel industry. They wanted to help people make meaningful connections and get the most out of their travel experiences, so they created a marketplace that uses the sharing economy to make that possible.

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One happy customer said, “My boyfriend and I were looking for a local tour guide who could provide an authentic and off-the-beaten tourist track in Amsterdam. Then we found Rory on Gopackup. Highly, highly recommend! He really knew his stuff and was very knowledgeable about his city. The 6 hours just flew by with his fresh, fun, and local viewpoint of the city. It was so unforgettable that we had a wine and cheese picnic on the grounds after exploring the inside of the windmill he showed us. Will definitely come back to Gopackup for our future trips!” The name of our company says it all. Our local guides will take care of everything for you, all you need to do is go pack up your luggage!

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